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Mar 10, 2020

From our December Congressional Civil Justice Academy briefing on big tech, antitrust and privacy, Episode Three of "The Marketplace of Ideas" will answer the question: how big is too big?  

The largest online communication, entertainment, and social media platforms have come under increasing regulatory scrutiny for intruding too much into user privacy, skewing the content viewers see, and wielding too much market power.

The FTC and Department of Justice have both announced they are investigating major tech platforms for potential antitrust violations. Congress is considering a range of legislative proposals that would address concerns over privacy, competition, political bias, and tech addiction.

Listen to our panelists John Yun, Charlotte Slaiman, Bruce Hoffman and moderator James Cooper, Director of the Program on Economics and Privacy at Scalia Law, as they discuss claims that big technology firms are too big and debate what, if anything, to do about it.